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1 Beaconsfield Parade, Beaconsfield Road, Brighton, England UK, BN1 6DN


Welcome to SMB TATTOO, Brighton! The place for unique and creative tattoo styles. SMB Tattoo has roots and draws inspiration from the city’s vibrant street art and music culture. Each artist specialises in a diverse range of tattoo styles including classic black and grey portraits, gothic blackwork, and custom lettering to the bold & ignorant. Utilizing ink, spray paint, calligraphy brushwork, and various mark-making techniques, SMB is known for its high-quality work with detailed painterly and edgy textures.

Enjoy the relaxed friendly atmosphere with the latest studio furniture for your comfort or a private studio room for your discretion. Work alongside our artists to create custom designs for you, or pick from our new flash designs that are on offer. No job is too big or small!

WALK INS: Thursday - Saturday 11am - 6pm

You can find us located 5 minutes from Brighton's London Road train station (15 mins walk from Brighton main train station) and 5 minutes from London Road/Preston Circus; map. Feel free to pop in, say "Hi!" and chat about your ideas! You can also connect with us via our Facebook page.


Mister Sorn - Tattoo Portfolio

Mister Sorn

Tom aka Mister Sorn is renound for his unique lettering styles, tailored and hand crafted to suit any clients needs. From his iconic graffiti styled designs to classic script writing, there is something for everyone. His realistic work is also something to be admired, where he encompasses his signature textures to make his work truly distinctive. Tom has tattooed around the globe and many famous faces including Rag & Bone Man, where you spot his work adorning his face.

For bookings please email: sorn@smbtattoo.com

Shorty Tattoos

Ellie Short aka Shorty Tattoos

Ellie, aka Shorty Tattoos is an amazing illustrator and tattooer, who's fine-line blackwork is something to be adored and treasured for a lifetime. Her abstract calligraphic work is simply stunning and very unique to her hand. Get yourself booked in for something special.

Ellie also offers piercing, contact her for prices and availability.

For bookings or more info please email Ellie: ellieshrt@gmail.com
or view her portfolio Shorty Tattoos on Instagram.


Floyd Draw

Floyd brings a fresh new take on ignorant style tattooing using super bold and clean black lines. An understated style defined by wit and dry humour with no risk of any message being lost in swirls of colour and intricacy. Take a look through his huge archives of pre drawn designs, or request your very own custom quirky tattoo that will be the envy of your friends.

For bookings email Floyd: floydraw@outlook.com
or connect with Floyd on Instagram .

sophie sparrow tattoo

Sophie Sparrow

Sophie Sparrow's work is beautifully macabre and often draws inspiration from nature's gruesome side. She also loves fine line blackwork, where her gorgeous floral blackwork is something to be adored and treasured forever.

For bookings or more info please email Sophie: sophie.sparrow@btinternet.com
or connect with Sophie Sparrow Tattoos on Instagram.


Handling Tattoo

Hannah's gothic brilliance crosses over from a playful yet dark illustrative style to a realistic surreal world, characterised by her use of beautiful, yet wonderfully disturbing depictions of the human psyche. Her painterly textures, etched scratches and solid black foundations are simply to DIE for. Take them to the grave with you. Book now.

For bookings please use her booking form Handling Tattoo Booking form

Brad Casket

Brad Casket

Brad Casket creates awe-inspiring blackwork and dark ornamental lettering designs. His art brings a harsh yet beautiful representation of death, reflecting on gothic and metal imagery, which is highlighted by the contrast between the bold and fine lines of the heavy black work. The outcome is a bold, eerie and binding ambiance.

For bookings or more info please email Brad: casketbookings@gmail.com